About us

Shop Envious Gems features a wide selection of high fashion costume jewelry from around the world, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, as well as accessories such as scarves, gloves and watches.  We work with national, local and up-and-coming designers to offer fashion forward, trendy costume jewelry and accessories for any budget.

Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse and purchase items. You can also find our products throughout jewelry stores in the U.S and Canada.  We take great pride in our products, our company, and most importantly, our commitment to customer service.


As told by Original owner Michael, at Shop Envious Gems

“I started Shop Envious Gems back in 2004 when my wife's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My wife and I wanted to help in some way, ultimately decided to host a fundraising event.  I researched products that we could sell, but it wasn’t until my wife mentioned costume jewelry that it all began to fall into place.

With my background in wholesale, I realized we could go straight to the manufacturer to buy the jewelry.  The only problem is that to we had to buy large quantities to keep the price low.  So we made a decision:  my wife would sell some for fundraising events, while I would sell the rest through a custom jewelry import and export business.  Before we knew it, business was exploding on both ends.

Today, Shop Envious Gems manages a full online shop, has expanded into brick-and-mortar stores, and works with some of the most fashion forward designers in the industry.  As for my wife, she continues to run successful fundraisers, including for Crohn's Disease, colitis, and multiple cancer events.  We want to thank all our customers, friends and family who have supported Shop Envious Gems throughout the years and helped us become the ‘envy’ of the costume jewelry world.  As to all our new customers, welcome to the family!”

Our Mission Is Simple…

To provide high fashion costume jewelry and accessories to our customers with the finest quality, best service and lowest prices